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Not having the right will or trust plan in place when it is needed may result in aggravated family conflict, financial confusion, avoidable court involvement, and unnecessary delays. Choose a plan that reflects your vision of what you want for you and your family to protect your assets and work to preserve family relationships.


You think a will or a trust is a smart thing to do but just haven’t gotten around to it? Let me help you make it happen! Learn your options and then give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a comprehensive estate plan.

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In the event that incapacity becomes a reality, a solid plan for a smooth transition of responsibilities to others of your choosing helps make a difficult situation easier.

Creating a clear estate plan is a gift to yourself and your family.

Most people are only somewhat familiar with what an estate plan is, and there is misinformation, myths, and just plain terrible advice floating around. At Stinson Legal, LLC, our goal is to educate you about your options so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Estate planning is a critically important but also very personal process, and our goal is to approach this with sensitivity and insight and provide quality documents for your estate planning needs.

We will listen to you and strive for you to understand your options and, ultimately, your plan.

  • Respond to your goals, concerns, and questions in a caring, friendly, non-threatening and professional manner.

  • Help you refine your goals so you can obtain a Will or Trust plan that satisfies your needs.

  • Assist you in discovering practical options, alternatives and solutions to empower you to make educated choices.

  • Create comprehensive and customized planning documents that meet the needs of you and your family.

  • Guide and educate you to properly implement your plan.

  • Clear communication and understanding your wishes will enable us to draft documents that will benefit you and your family for years to come.

Who Needs to Plan?

Tomorrow is never promised, and everyone should have a plan in place for incapacity or death so your loved ones have the guidance and tools they need to handle your affairs

  • Single Adults
  • Young Families
  • Older Folks
  • Special Circumstances
  • Incapacity Planning

The Process

Getting started with your estate plan is as easy as picking up the phone to make an appointment for an initial consult. We will work with you to set the appointment around your schedule and will tell you what you need to prepare for the discussion.

We typically address asset management during life, options for handling possible mental incapacity during life, and distribution of assets after death. Please be aware that if the estate plan involves two people, both individuals will need to be present for all meetings, including the initial one. Call (970) 618-9598.

Keeping Your Plan Up-To-Date

So you have taken the step of getting your estate plan in order. Now what? Your estate plan works best when it is maintained and kept current. Any time you have a life changing event, such as a birth, death, marriage, or winning the lotto, look at your estate plan to make sure it is still up for its task.

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Read reviews from our happy clients.

  • Matthew K.
    Kristine is nothing but professional meets personable. I've enjoyed every experience I've had with her and CANNOT question her integrity
  • Dana
    Kristine helped us with estate planning Kristine just helped us complete our estate plan and we were both very pleased with the entire process. Kristine is professional, organized, understands the laws in Colorado and helped us make difficult decisions rewarding. If you are in need of a will or trust to protect you and your family, I guarantee you will love working with Kristine.
  • Annie
    Thanks Kristine! I went into the process with some trepidation and a sense of overwhelm. Kristine listened to ALL of my questions and calmed my fears. I believe her talent for listening, along with exceptional knowledge of all things wills and trusts got me where I needed to be. It feels good to have my estate planning a done deal! I would also add that Kristine injects just a little fun and personality into the process as well. Thanks Kristine!
  • Tabitha E.
    Kristine did an amazing job helping us build our trust. She was patient with our busy schedules and explained everything in easy to understand terms. We would recommend her to anyone and would work with her again.
  • Susan
    Engineer your Will or Trust with Ease and Confidence We built (and I mean built) our will and trust as engineered by Kristine in late 2020/2021. We worked with Kristine remotely due to the Pandemic. The remote process was simple and seamless. What I liked best about Kristine was her patience, knowledge and professionalism. She didn't mind my naïve questions or my "what if" questions, and patiently explained our options and the pros and cons of each. Nor did she seem to mind repeating answers, or dealing with "last minute" changes. (Please keep those to a minimum)Kristine would always remind us that this was OUR document and we could form it as we wanted. BUT she'd always explain the potential ramifications of our "not so smart" decisions and language recommendations. If you want a comfortable, friendly, and top notch attorney to address this "less than fun" obligation. ....I recently lost my mother and I clearly understand that IT IS AN OBLIGATION TO YOUR LOVED ONES! Kristine will make building your will and/or trust go smoothly and accurately. She will help you express your wishes in a way that best accommodates you and your beneficiaries for both the short and long term.And when it's all done, you and your loved ones have easy access to all of your signed and notarized documents in an indexed binder. Nobody will need to figure out how to access your PC, to get this information in times of chaos. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm all about electronic records. But I can appreciate the value of original hard copies when it comes to my will and trust.

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I believe family is wonderful, often complicated, and sometimes exasperating. I also realize that the length and quality of our lives is not guaranteed. The work I do as an estate attorney supports a healthy approach to addressing both: the complexities of family, however we define that, and the challenges of planning and preparing for the future.

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